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We're taking Green "Mainstream"


Good Life Living Green Magazine is a consumer “lifestyle and business” magazine that caters to the top 20% of the market. These individuals are the leaders in all areas of our economy and are at the forefront of recognizing the need for global changes for sustainability. This group is the single most powerful group that history has ever seen, having over 80% of the wealth and decision making ability.


Good Life Living Green digital edition incorporates the latest advances in web based technology to ensure the best possible reading experience.

Not only does the magazine read much the same as a hard copy publication but all web links are also ‘live’ giving readers the opportunity to immediately seek further information regarding companies who have sparked their interest.

Companies can be assured ‘their story’ will be in front of the eyes of those who can truly affect market activity.

Further the technology provides quantifiable measurement of reader response and resultant activity. Thereby allowing analysis of the actual return on the marketing investment.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to Inform & Inspire so you can lead healthy, sustainable lives, while reducing your overall footprint.


Our job is to put the best possible information in front of you [our readers], in a timely and responsible manner. From our global resources, we have gathered some of the best writers and industry experts, to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information available.


Well-informed, you will be inspired to become active in helping to improve the environment by adopting an overall lifestyle that is consistent with Living Green. In turn, you will inspire others to do the same, until together we have made a global difference.


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